Elixir of Inner Prosperity

Join me for a dedicated introduction to Sri Sukta : the elixir of inner prosperity

Over 18 weeks we will learn each of the 16 mantras and explore their multi-dimensional meaning

In the process we will begin to...

  • unpack our relationship with prosperity
  • dissolve our limiting thoughts, behaviors + beliefs
  • spiritually expand toward greater experiences of abundance, joy + love

What is the Sri Sukta

Sri Sukta is a collection of mantras from the Rg Veda, the most ancient of the Vedic texts.

These fifteen + one mantras are a petition from the sages to Jatavedas - the primordial benevolent omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent divine - to invoke Sri Lakshmi for their journey to the human realm in hopes of rescuing humanity from itself.

Each of the individual mantras contain worlds of wisdom, and together they have the mantric shakti to transform us entirely from the inside out.

Sri Lakshmi is the shakti of Jatavedas. She is to Jatavedas as radiance is to the sun.

Sri Lakshmi is the essence of all that makes life worth living.

Sri Sukta, a core text of the Sri Vidya tradition, infuses our hearts, minds and souls with the elixir of prosperity. Once our inner world is established in prosperity, it extends to our outer world, as well.


Beginning November 17th, 2021, we will meet once a week for eighteen weeks.

Each week we will explore one of the mantras in our group session and then invest the following week into memorization. Slowly we will build up to memorization of the full Sukta, which will be the first step toward establishing a practice.

Once we have learned each of the mantras, we will shift to a weekly recitation until we have reached a collective comfort level with the Sukta. Then we will embark on Stage One of Sri Sukta Sadhana.

This introduction is a pre-requisite for Stage One, which involves chanting the Sri Sukta ten times a day for eighty days. We will undertake this practice late Spring/early Summer 2022.

Gathering Days + Times


  • 12:00pm Pacific
  • 3:00pm Eastern
  • 8:00pm UK
  • 9:00pm Europe
  • 5:00am AEST (Thursday)
  • 7:00am New Zealand (Thursday)
  1. November 17th/18th
  2. November 24th/25th
  3. December 1st/2nd
  4. December 8th/9th
  5. December 15th/16th
  6. December 22nd/23rd
  7. December 29th/30th
  8. January 5th/6th
  9. January 12th/13th
  10. January 19th/20th
  11. January 26th/27th
  12. February 2nd/3rd
  13. February 9th/10th
  14. February 16th/17th
  15. February 23rd/24th
  16. March 2nd/3rd
  17. March 9th/10th
  18. March 16th/17th

Lakshmi Offering

For this adventure, I invite everyone - including myself - to consider a sustainable contribution you can make to a collective fund which we can then - together - determine how to share.

100% of whatever amount is gathered can go to an individual, a community, or an organization which we feel compelled to support. This can be a one-time offering or something new we select month by month.

I suggest a contribution of $108 for the full 18 weeks - either in full or divided out monthly - and will also provide a sliding scale option so you can select what feels 'just right' to you.

Generosity is an outward expression of inner prosperity.

You can access Mystical Mantra here.

Please feel free to reach out with any further inquiries.


xx Natalie

21 Lessons

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21 Lessons in Elixir of Inner Prosperity:


Gathering Details

Dates, Times + Zoom Details

The Mahāmṛtyuñjaya Mantra

The Great Death-Conquering Mantra

The Ninth Mantra of Sri Sukta

How to get started...

Shelly Craigo Shares on Sri Sukta

...mantra sadhana, initiation, trustful surrender, and more

Sri Sukta

Learning + Practice Tips

Pronunciation and Memorization

Sri Sukta

All Sixteen Mantras


Week One

Mantra One

Week Two

Mantra Two

Week Three

Mantra Three

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Mantra Five

Week Six

Mantra Six

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Mantra Eight

Week Nine

Mantra Nine

Week Ten

Mantra Ten

Week Eleven

Mantra Eleven

Week Twelve

Mantra Twelve

Week Thirteen

Mantra Thirteen

Week Fourteen

Mantra Fourteen

Week Fifteen