Mystical Mantra Stage One

a group experience 

created to introduce you to Mantra,

providing a foundational experience

and understanding of the

transformative power

of sacred sound

Embodiment is a buzz word in the yoga world these days. But what does it really mean? It means transitioning your engagement with yoga from a primarily intellectual endeavor to one of direct experience. The intellect is subject to doubt. Direct experience is undeniable.

Embodiment means that you are a living, breathing expression of your practice in your day to day life. It means that all of life is an experience of the sacred, even the most mundane moments like folding laundry, checking email or driving a car.

How do we transition from the intellect to direct experience? For me, Mantra has been the key. Mantra invites the thinking mind to rest, held in a nurturing cocoon by the sacred Sanskrit sounds received by the Rshis thousands of years ago. These Mantras are living and breathing vibratory expressions of various aspects of the Divine. They live and breathe in creation, they live and breathe within us.

Mantra recitation and internal repetition awaken us to the presence of these energies. They do so in a way which protects and expands the mind, and accelerates the process of enlightenment.

What will we explore?

Why Mantra?

What is Mantra?

The Divine Word

Daily Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition

Om and Pranava

Introduction to Sanskrit

Gāyatrī Mantra

Mahāmṛtyuñjaya Mantra

Viśve Deva Sūkta

Preparing for Mantra Sadhana

Introduction to Meditation on Mantra and Mantra Japa


Finding a Teacher

Introduction to Initiation

When will we meet?

Wednesdays Summer 2024

17 July

24 July

31 July

7 August

14 August

21 August

28 August

4 September

11 September

18 September

7 - 8am Pacific

10 - 11am Eastern

4 - 5pm UK

5 - 6pm Europe

The gatherings will be recorded. 

I encourage you to join live as much as possible for the fullest transmission.

18 Lessons

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Embodiment through Mantra

When + How we will Gather

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