Sutra Satsanga

A group study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Join our sangha for a weekly ongoing study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, beginning with chapter one: The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Sadhana Pada. We will use Pandit Rajmani Tigunait's brilliant and graceful commentary on the sutras as our guide. Chapter by chapter we will discuss the sutras' relevance in our lives.

What is a Satsanga?

A satsang is a gathering in which spiritual reflection, discussion, meditation or teaching takes place. Satsang is established on the following agreements:

  • A shared intention between group members

  • Context or theme to spark spiritual insight

  • An agreement regarding ground rules and inclusivity

Satsanga is believed to dissolve any sense of separation, allowing the inter-connectivity of all beings in the universe to become more apparent. It is believed that in the company of those who are committed to bringing out the best in one another, extraordinary awakening can occur.

We will gather weekly on Mondays at the following time:

  • 9am Pacific
  • 12pm Eastern
  • 5pm UK
  • 6pm Europe

We will gather once each week to read a chapter of the book, which provides commentary on each sutra, one at a time. We will then discuss the sutra, the commentary, and their application and relevance in our 'real' life.

This is an ongoing course, which will likely carry on for years. The investment to participate is $20 USD per month. You will be given the opportunity to re-register to regain access to the live offerings and previously recorded content at the beginning of each month the course is in session.

I highly recommend purchasing both of Panditji's books, beginning with his commentary on the first chapter, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra ~ Samadhi Pada.

30 Lessons

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Welcome to Sutra Satsang

Gathering Details

Dynamics of the Mind Sutras 1:1-1:11

Catch Up...

Mastering the Mind Sutras 1:12-1:14

Sutra 1:12

Sutra 1:13

Sutra 1:14

Purifying the Mind Sutras 1:15-1:16

Sutra 1:15

Sutra 1:16

Stages of Samadhi Sutra 1:17-1:18

Sutra 1:17

Sutra 1:18

Adepts and Aspirants Sutras 1:19-1:22

Sutra 1:19

Sutra 1:20

Sutra 1:21

Sutra 1:22

The Mystery of Divine Grace Sutras 1:23-1:28

Sutra 1:23

Sutra 1:24

Sutra 1:25

Sutra 1:26

Sutra 1:27

Sutra 1:28

Conquering Obstacles Sutras 1:29-1:32

Sutra 1:29

Sutra 1:30

Sutra 1:31

Sutra 1:32

Cultivating an Enlightened Mind Sutra 1:33

Sutra 1:33

Replacing Animosity with Friendliness

Sutra 1:33

Replacing Cruelty with Compassion

Sutra 1:33

Replacing Jealousy with Happiness

Sutra 1:33

Replacing Self-Righteousness with Non-Judgement

Reclaiming our Luminous Joy Sutras 1:34-1:36

Sutra 1:34

Sutra 1:35

Sutra 1:36