'Prana is the primordial ripple of the life force – beginning-less and unending. Self-intelligent, it is the vibrant force that breathes life into matter. Prana is not our creation – we are its creation. As humans, we have been given the power and privilege to further awaken and gather Pranaśakti and thus fill ourselves with a higher degree of vigor, vitality, strength, stamina and intelligence.

We accomplish this through the practice of Pranayama.'

- Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Prana is one of the most widely referenced and narrowly understood aspects of the practice of yoga. So commonly defined as 'life force' with very little concept of what this actually means, most yoga practitioners know that prana is important, but we don't really understand why or how to 'practice' with it.

...or, perhaps we do have a fairly good working definition of prana, yet we don't yet have a grasp on how to develop a relationship with this primordial force, let alone, guide our students toward a meaningful engagement.

...or, perhaps we are enthralled by the practice of pranayama, but have never had the privilege of receiving guidance from a teacher and a living tradition.

All three of these descriptions could be applied to me at various stages of the development of my practice. In recent years, however, I have enjoyed the thoughtful, loving, and nourishing guidance of my teacher and tradition. It has changed everything for me. Not just my understanding, not just my practice, it has changed my entire life.

I am now very pleased to be able to offer something similar for you.

This course will offer the intellectual understanding of prana according to the masters of the Himalayan Tradition, as distilled by my teacher, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. It will also include tutorials for a krama - or wise progression - of pranayama practices which are designed to guide you through the various stages of breath awareness, pranic sensitivity, and a true experience of pranayama, in which we are able to masterfully harness prana to fulfill our soul's greatest desires and needs.

This course is a registered YACEP and fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirement for 30 hours of Continued Education. It is also a required Bridge Course for incoming students of the 300-hour Tantric Yoga Teacher Training : Embodied Śakti.
The content is a compilation of recorded lecture, written explanations, tutorials and practicum. The composite of these practices will lead you to a more rich and fulfilling experience of prana in support of a more rich and fulfilling experience of mediation, specifically Vishoka Meditation, the heart and soul of our Tradition.

'Pranayama is the only practice with the capacity to remove the veil that hides the light.'


4 - 15 March, 2024

Monday - Friday

6-7:30am Pacific

9-10:30am Eastern

2-3:30pm UK

3-4:30pm Europe



*payment plans available

*if participating as a Bridge Course for Embodied Śakti 300-hour Tantric Yoga Teacher Training, the cost of this course ($250) will be deducted from the total cost of the 300-hour Training tuition.

38 Lessons

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Welcome to Pranaśakti

How to Prepare

Course Overview

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Science of the Breath

What is Prana?

according to the Himalayan Tradition

Regulating our Breath

Self Guided Intelligence

Calm Breath, Calm Life

Five Qualities of Healthy Breathing

Puraka & Rechaka

So'hum Pranayama

Develop Your Relationship

Asana & Pranayama

Asana & Pranic Sensitivity

Relaxation & Pranic Sensitivity

A Practice of Systematic Relaxation

Awareness & Sensitivity

Progression of Pranic Sensitivity

Prana Anusandhana

Alternate Nostril Breathing

A Practice of Nadi Shodhana

Simple Aharana

Simple Samikarana

Dhirga Prashvasa Pranayama


Churning Prana

Kapalabhati & Bhastrika


Introducing Ujjayi

Anuloma Stage I

Viloma Stage I

Pratiloma Stage I

Anuloma Stage II

Viloma Stage II

Pratiloma Stage II

Anuloma Stage III

Viloma Stage III

Pratiloma Stage III

A Vigorous Practice of Pranayama


Thin the Veil

Sacred Spaces


Advance Stages