WE RISE spiritual alchemy



a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

16 March - 12 April


$200 for first time meditators
$50 for dedicated practitioners

Spiritual alchemy is the act of inner transformation. It is a systematic process of healing and liberating the aspects of our inner self that are stuck in a cycle of suffering. This subtle transformation ultimately leads to ever greater experiences of freedom and fulfillment, until we are so established in them, that they influence every layer of our being.

Join me, and our lovely international community of meditators, for a 28-day journey inward toward the center of your being, the place the ancient scriptures describe as 'beyond the reach of all suffering,' and name 'the lotus of the heart.' Becoming more and more established in this lotus center grants us greater peace, clarity, joy, and grace as we navigate both our inner and our outer worlds.

WE RISE is a daily guided meditation sādhanā, or devoted spiritual practice, with a group of dedicated practitioners from around the world. We have been gathering via Zoom since the summer of 2020, and we have grown together as individuals, and collectively.

This round of WE RISE will utilize the meditation methodology of the Himalayan Tradition, which culminates in Vishoka Meditation®, resting awareness in the Lotus of the Heart. Most appropriate for practitioners with at least a foundational meditation experience, WE RISE spiritual alchemy is an opportunity to engage with a balanced approach of increasing clarity and building compassion while we undergo subtle, yet significant, internal transformation.

The techniques shared are all drawn from Vishoka Meditation®, incorporating what is known as 'stage one,' as well as a collection of the pranayama techniques offered in the Self-Mastery-Series. Each of these techniques is aimed at cultivating an intimate relationship with prana, which then guides us lovingly and effortlessly home to who we are at the level of the 'heart.' Pranic sensitivity is the key to gaining a direct experience of the sacred aspects of life, granting us a special intimacy with the divine - both in us, and the world in which we live.

Vishoka Meditation® is a gift of the Himalayan Tradition, made accessible to this generation through the writing, teaching, and loving guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, known affectionately as Panditji.


***We will 'change our clocks' along with western Europe on Sunday, 31 March. Thus the time breakdown looks something like this.***

18 March - 30 April

7 - 8am Pacific

10 - 11am Eastern

2 - 3pm UK

3 - 4pm Western Europe

4 - 5pm Western Africa

10 - 11pm Bali

31 March - 12 April

6 - 7am Pacific

9 - 10am Eastern

2 - 3pm UK

3 - 4pm Western Europe

3 - 4pm Western Africa

Bali 9 - 10pm

Western Australia 9 - 10pm

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