Ritual of Rest


For Deep Awakening

Embody the Divine Feminine through Sacred Ritual + Yoga Nidra

As individuals and as a collective many of us are feeling the fatigue that is the outcome of years, decades, perhaps even lifetimes of uncertainty, turmoil, and unrest. It's taking its toll, impacting us on every level of our being. Fortunately for us, Tantra, Yoga, and Earth Wisdom offer healing solutions for nearly everything that ails us.

Within the three months of this course, we will explore rituals which bring beauty, clarity, healing, and devotion to our practice and our life. These rituals include Yoga Nidra, exploration of Tantric and Celtic expressions of the Divine Feminine, generous self-care, nutritious tonics and treats, devotional offerings, creative expression, journaling and more.

Ritual of Rest is a deeply nourishing experience for body, mind + soul.


Ritual of Rest is offered as a series of mini-retreats in the comfort of your own home. We gather virtually, but through the magic of ritual and Yoga Nidra, will transcend the limitations of the virtual realm. In addition to our live Zoom gatherings, each week you will receive support for at-home self-care rituals, recipes for rejuvenating tonics and treats, music, poetry and self-reflection to awaken the channels to your heart and your connection to the earth.

Live Zoom Gatherings

Sunday, March 27th 4-6:30pm Pacific

Wednesday, April 13th 4-5:30pm Pacific

Sunday, April 24th 4-6:30pm Pacific

Wednesday, May 4th 4-5:30pm Pacific

The Experience

With Ritual of Rest we invoke the Divine Feminine as expressed by the Goddesses Dhumavati, Morgana, Lalita Tripura Sundari, Brigid, and Bhuvaneshvari. Our monthly in-person gatherings will include gentle movement, mantra, ritual, visualization, a connection to the elements, and the experience of Yoga Nidra. We invite you to open yourself to the mystical aspects of this time honored practice and experience the depth of remembrance available to you.

You will receive a recording of each practice so you can continue to drop in for daily nourishment.

Your Guides

Crystal Marie Higgins is a lineaged Initiated Priestess in Celtic traditions, an Initiated Witch, as well as a Yoga Teacher, an Herbalist and an Ethical Marketer. She has been in devotion to earth wisdom, the cycles of the moon and the seasons since 2012. Crystal’s intention is to awaken our consciousness toward the radical practice of attuning your life and the flows of your creativity to the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon and the wisdom found in the everyday. She is a lover of the plant realm, being outdoors and engaging in sacred rituals.

Learn more about Crystal at crystalmariehiggins.com, and her passion project seasonalherbalbox.com.

Natalie Backman is a 500-hr ERYT Tantric Yoga Teacher of the Himalayan lineage. She shares a modern approach to this ancient tradition, interweaving asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, Yoga Nidra, study of the Yoga Sutras and more. In her nearly twenty years of practice, Natalie's relationship with yoga has lead her through many dark nights of the soul, and patiently revealed to her, the radiance which emanates from her own heart. This is the promise of yoga. Natalie's teaching is an unveiling of her own embodied experience and an expression of her devotion to Dharma and the Divine Mother.

Natalie is the founder and lead teacher of Sakti Sadhana, a 200-hour Tantric Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training; Co-Founder + Teacher of Embodied Sakti, a 300-hour Tantric Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with an emphasis on the Mahavidyas, Tantra's Wisdom Goddesses; Co-host of 'the sun, the moon, and the Truth' podcast with Karina Guthrie; Founder of Imagine Fest and the Bohemian Ball; Co-founder of Sakti Rising, a yoga apparel line created to raise reverence for the Divine Feminine

Learn more about Natalie at www.NatalieBackmanYoga.com

Financial Assistance

We remain committed to preparing and offering what we believe is most helpful and relevant. Pricing is fluid so all who need these practices can receive them. If your heart yearns for these teachings, but this offering is beyond your financial reach, scholarships are available. If you request one, you will receive.  

Connect with us via NatalieBackmanYoga@gmail.com

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