Overcoming Scarcity + Embracing Prosperity

'Healing Scarcity / Embracing Prosperity' is a free community mentorship opportunity created specifically for those of us who identify with either a current or chronic lack of prosperity and abundance. Using spiritual teachings and techniques of the Sri Vidya Tradition, as well as key concepts of yogic psychology including samskara, vasana, karma, dharma, vikalpa and sankalpa - we will dig into the stories we may be subconsciously nurturing, which result in an experience of lack.

Some of us may not have a scarcity construct, but are experiencing financial challenges due to current circumstances. In this case, we will explore very practical, hands-on, immediately applicable strategies for moving toward prosperity here and now.

This mentorship will be offered in a way which generates a mutually supportive atmosphere - choosing collaboration over competition - built upon the ethos of rising together. 

Gathering Dates
February 17, 24
March 10, 17, 24, 31
April 7, 14, 21

Gathering Times
11-12pm Pacific
2-3pm Eastern
7-8pm UK
8-9pm Europe
6-7am Sydney (Friday)
8-9am New Zealand (Friday)

Zoom Link
Meeting ID 819 9955 9251
Passcode prosperity

9 Lessons

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9 Lessons in Overcoming Scarcity + Embracing Prosperity:

The Realm of Possibility

Create a vision for your ideal life ten years from today!

Your Current State of Prosperity

Discover the current state of your relationship with prosperity.

Taking Stock

It's Not About the Money

Marrying the Magical with the Practical

How Worthy Are You?

The Value of Your Time + Energy

Make Your Life an Offering

In Conclusion...for Now!